A Robot Just Joined XSET

On November 11th, the gaming and lifestyle organization XSET made history by becoming the first esports org in the world to sign a robot. Sophia, the world’s most advanced AI-driven humanoid and the first robot innovation ambassador for the UN’s Development Program, has officially joined XSET’s team of content creators.

“We are thrilled to welcome Sophia to the XSET family, we are always on the lookout as an organization to do things that haven’t been done to push the envelope in gaming and beyond,” said XSET’s CEO Greg Selkoe. “We are about the future and Sophia is the future, and not only can she game, but she will be a multi-talented content creator for XSET.”

Following this announcement, Sophia made her first appearance as a new member of XSET on November 19th and 20th at ComplexCon in Long Beach, California where she was set up at the XSET booth gaming, meeting fans, and rolling out a new fashion collab with the company.

Additionally, XSET and Sophia are planning to launch a streaming channel together next year. However, the details of that undertaking are not clear at this time.

Sophia is a product of Hanson Robotics, which was founded in 2007. Since she was created, she has become a global phenom, appearing on The Jimmy Fallon Show as well as on the cover of Elle magazine.

(All information was provided by Hanson Robotics, PR Newswire,, and Wikipedia)

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