Big Changes Coming To Wild Rift Esports

It sounds like the competitive League of Legends: Wild Rift scene is dead in the Western hemisphere. This comes after Riot’s President, John Needham, released a statement informing players that the company will not be organizing or hosting any Wild Rift competitions outside of Asia next year. Additionally, the company said it would be focusing more on the Asian market.

Starting in 2023, Wild Rift Esports (WRE) will be discontinued in Asia and replaced by the Wild Rift League (WRL). Moving forward, 12 teams from China’s WRL will compete against eight other squads from other parts of Asia to make up the league in 2023. On top of that, splits will be scheduled twice a year.

Riot also said that they will work to “unlock the opportunity for third parties to host events” in other regions. The goal is that this will give those parts of the world time to “grow organically.”

“We believe these changes will give the community time and runway to grow organically and establish what role high-level competition will play in their ecosystem,” Needham said in a statement. “As the Wild Rift esports landscape evolves, we’ll be ready to move in lockstep.”

League of Legends: Wild Rift is a mobile version of the hit PC game developed by Riot. As of September 2022, Wild Rift has recorded over $750 million in player spending.

(All information was provided by, Mobidictum, Wikipedia, Wild Rift Esports, and Yahoo! News)

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