James Gunn Has Big Plans For The DCEU

It sounds like James Gunn wants DC Comics to follow a model similar to the one used by the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In fact, Gunn recently said that the DC Extended Universe will be connected through various mediums, including TV, Movies, and video games

While answering fan questions, Gunn gave some insight into plans for the DCEU. He first explained that “the DCU will be connected across” TV, movies, and animation. After that, he assured fans that video games would be included in these plans.

Prior to taking on his new role with DC, Gunn and film producer Peter Safran had helped advised David Zaslav, the recently-appointed CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery. Gunn and Safran had impressed Zaslav so much, that he appointed them the co-chairs of DC Studios last month.

(All information was provided by, HYPEBEAST, Twitter, and Wikipedia [1,2])

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