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Steam Finally Introduced In Teslas

Tesla recently integrated Steam into its Model S and Model X cars, meaning thousands of games can now be played inside these vehicles. It all comes as part of Tesla’s “Holiday Update” which was launched on December 13th.

In a statement, Tesla explained that this new system offers “Up to 10 teraflops of processing power” putting it “on par with today’s newest consoles.” Additionally, wireless controller capabilities allow users to play games from any seat.

The gaming system is integrated and connected to a pair of touchscreens located in Model S and X cars. These monitors will allow you to watch video content, play games, and do all sorts of other cool things from the comfort of your vehicle.

While this is an exciting technological advancement, it won’t come cheap. According to Benzinga, upgrading your Tesla to include these gaming capabilities would cost over $1,990.

The Profit‘s Take:

I’m so glad this integration is finally here. 10 teraflops is like the same processing power as a PS5. There’s no need to buy a PS5 anymore. Instead, just spend $80,000 on a Tesla and the Tesla Arcade. This would solve the issue of “bring your own PC” LAN events. This could lead to MANY more business opportunities. Somebody will do a drive-in LAN tournament.

(All information was provided by Benzinga and electrek)

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