How Much Money Has Genshin Impact Made Off Mobile Gamers?

Genshin Impact recently surpassed a new spending record. Since the mobile game was first released back in September 2020, it has been able to generate over $3.7 billion in player spending.

Sensor Tower is reporting that Genshin Impact ranks third in mobile video game spending over the last two years. The only titles that have recorded more player spending since Genshin Impact’s release are Honor of Kings and PUBG: Mobile.

Genshin Impact has emerged as the most successful mobile IP launch since Honor of Kings. It has also been able to defy downward market trends. While global spending on mobile games fell during the first and second quarters of this year, Genshin Impact actually saw revenues increase during both of these periods.

When broken down by platform, spending was relatively even across Android and iOS devices. However, when analyzing the game’s regional spending, China made up 68% of Genshin Impact‘s player spending on the Apple App Store. Unfortunately, Sensor Tower does not have data on the game’s spending in China on the Android App Store.

(All information was provided by VentureBeat and Wikipedia)

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