Genshin Impact Made A Tonne Of Money Last Year

2022 was an incredibly kind year for one of the world’s most beloved mobile games: Genshin Impact. According to a South China Morning Post report, this game recorded over $4 billion in global revenues by the end of last year.

Based on a December report from Sensor Tower, the game has achieved “long-term success in major mobile game countries.” Almost 66% of the game’s revenue came from users outside of China. Japan, the United States, and South Korea were the top three overseas markets for the game.

Genshin Impact also did wonders on social media. In fact, it ended up taking the title of Twitter’s “most discussed game” based on data that was collected by

“There are many reasons why Genshin Impact has been able to gain worldwide popularity,” wrote Yena You, a strategist for Sensor Tower, in a report. “Beyond simple translation of in-game content, localization was more meticulously tailored to each region, such as casting famous voice actors in each region for dubbing.”

(All information was provided by the South China Morning Post)

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