Is It Possible for Esports and Betting Sites to Achieve Mutual Benefits?

Have you ever placed a bet on esports? The sports betting industry and esports have never been more connected! They are not achieving some mutual benefits.

If you are a big fan of sports betting, then you know how entertaining this hobby can be. However, online bookmakers know very well that customers are regularly looking for new challenges and opportunities. That is the reason why esports betting has become an unskippable section on many sports betting sites. 

Many of you probably ask yourself now why you should bet with money on esports. Some people still consider CS: GO, WoW, LoL, and other games as a source of fun and interesting for kids. However, that’s not quite correct. That industry has become very powerful, which is one of the main reasons why we have the appearance of new esports betting sites almost every month.

Esports and sports betting industries are strongly connected and are achieving some mutual benefits. In this article, we would like to discuss both industries, how they are connected, and talk about the best esports betting operators.

Common Benefits for Esports and Sports Betting Industry

Esports gambling sites have reshaped the entire betting industry in the last few years. No one could ever imagine that games like CS: GO, Dota, and others would appear on online platforms for betting. However, a connection like that turned out to be beneficial for both industries. Here are some of the best things that happened to both business fields.

Esports Tournaments Have Become More Entertaining

Without any doubt, esports themselves were entertaining from the first moment. People that love games supported different teams and enjoyed the performance they had. However, it seems that things have become more entertaining after they got the chance to place a bet on esports leagues.

They no longer have to support their favorite team or individuals only. They can also test their luck and potentially earn a certain amount of money if they guess the outcome. Traditional sports are also more entertaining when people bet on their favorite teams or other teams they regularly follow. That is the reason why the situation with esports we have today does not surprise us at all.

Another reason why things are more entertaining is the unusual types of odds. For example, you can bet on the team that will reach ten kills first, slay the first dragon, etc. Of course, the best bookmakers will strive to give realistic odds and a bigger number of options for betting. That’s why you should carefully select the betting platforms to enjoy at. If you want to learn more about the best esports betting sites, you should check out this comprehensive list of references to get more info.

New Fans for Both Industries

Every business in the world becomes successful after expanding its target audience. However, attracting people in esports and sports betting industries isn’t easy. Fortunately, things have drastically changed in recent years.

Without any doubt, esports were only popular among younger generations for a longer period. But, after the mentioned connection, the best esports bookmakers have managed to grab the attention of people that were only interested in traditional sports. People like to experiment with things, which is why many bettors decided to test their luck by gambling on esports. Many of them had to start following the tournaments to achieve better results. That attracted many new followers, automatically making esports more popular.

On the other hand, every esports betting site also got the opportunity to offer odds to a new group of people. People that were older than 18 realized they could also test their luck by placing a bet on some traditional sports tournament. That is the reason why we have a large number of people betting on esports and sports in order to make their free time more entertaining.

Bigger Funds from Broadcast Rights

People that were following esports tournaments from the first moment they appeared remember very well that finding a stream for the esports events was tough. There were only a couple of live streams on YouTube and other platforms where people could follow the games. However, with the appearance of esports online bookies, things have changed! People now want to enjoy the tournaments on TV.

New TV channels have appeared in the last couple of years where people can only watch CS: GO, LoL, WoW, and other tournaments. We have also noticed that sports betting sites themselves are allowing streams directly on their website. They are doing that to ensure the best possible live betting experience. People can place a bet in real-time and test their betting experience that way.

Logically, with the popularity rise, the prize pools have also increased. Some of them are even reaching tens of millions of USD! That only confirms how powerful this industry has become.

Are All Esports Betting Sites Legit and Professional?

We will give you an answer in the form of a question – are all traditional sports betting sites legit and professional? There are also bad esports operators online that do not provide the best offers and services to people. That’s why you need to put certain features into consideration.

The first step you need to check is what level of safety you will get on the betting platform where you plan to register. The security of the platform is confirmed by different licenses, certificates, and rewards. The details about those three are usually highlighted in the footer of the website.

After that, you should also compare the odds on different websites, determine how realistic they are, and which tournaments you can actually bet on. Also, put into consideration the payment methods you can use to deposit and withdraw money. In the end, check out if you have the opportunity to use certain bonuses on esports. That way, you will only make your betting experience more comfortable!


After analyzing the benefits both industries have gotten, we can easily conclude that esports and traditional sports are “friends”. But, if you also want to “become their friend”, you should also put into consideration the relevant features and find the best betting platform. That’s the only way to enjoy both options to the fullest and eventually get a reward. Are you ready to take action?

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