2 Upcoming CS:GO Events Anticipated by Every Esports Fan

Coming days have a couple of big CS:GO events to offer. Read this page to discover them and learn why they are worth your time.

The world of CS:GO esports is preparing some fun stuff for us. In the coming months, we will witness a couple of major tournaments. They will bring us breathtaking competitions and solid betting opportunities. What are they? The answer to that lies in this article. You will also learn the schedule, format, and prize pools of the tournaments, so keep reading. Paris Major

One month from now, in the beautiful European capital, there is about to be another Major tournament. It will start on the eighth of May and last thirteen days till the twenty-first. The venue of the competition is Accor Arena. The organizer of the event is BLAST, which you could guess from the name.

At this time, we don’t know about any competitors that will participate. However, we know that there will be 24 teams that will compete for $1 250 000. For first place, the team will receive $500 000 and invitations for the BLAST Premier World Final and IEM Cologne 2023. The second place entails a $170 000 money prize. And the third gives participants $80 000.

The eight best teams in the tournament will receive BLAST Premier points. This will define their place in the BLAST leaderboard and determine the future events they will be invited to.

Now, let’s talk about the format. It starts with The Challenger State on 8th May and lasts till 11th May. Here, 16 teams will compete in a Swiss format, where the worst eight teams are eliminated. While the rest proceeds to the next stage. All matches within the first stage are played in BO1 fashion. However, matches for advancement and elimination are played in BO3.

Then goes The Legends Stage. It will take time from 13th to 16th May, mimicking the previous stage. So here we also have 16 teams: 8 go up, and 8 leave the competition. And so with match format: all the games are BO1, while the ones for advancement or elimination are BO3.

The final, Champions Stage lasts three days, from the 18th to the 21st of May. Here we’ll see a single-elimination bracket, and each match will be conducted in BO3. Hence all the teams will fight until we see a winner.

Intel Extreme Masters Rio 2023

A little earlier than the previous one, we can watch the Intel Extreme Masters Rio 2023. The event is organized by the ESL and will gather its participants in the Jeunesse Arena in Rio.

The event’s prize pool is $250 000, distributed among 16 teams. The winner will get $100 000 and the IEL Cologne 2023 invitational. While the second and the third places will receive $42 000 and $20 000.

Unlike Paris Major, we already know the participants of the Intel Extreme Masters. It consists of:

  • six ESL partner teams, including Na’Vi, Fnatic, and MOUZ;
  • four teams taken from the ESL world ranking, including, Cloud9, and OG;
  • two teams from European qualifiers: 9INE, and BIG;
  • two teams qualified from North and South America: MIBR and 9z Team;
  • Asian qualified The MongolZ team;
  • and invited FURIA Esports.

Who is their favorite? That is a good question. The website can help us with this. Search it up to find accurate odds for any competitive game of CS:GO. Use obtained information to impress your friends with predictions or raise funds from betting. Luckily, the accuracy of pro-gaming odds makes them appropriate for that.

The Intel Extreme Masters Rio 2023 has the following format. First, teams are parted into two double-elimination groups of eight players. Opening games at this stage are played in the BO1. While the consecutive matches are BO3.

Following the results of the group stage, the top three teams from each are transferred to playoffs:

  • winners instantly go to the semifinals;
  • runner-ups go to the quarterfinals as the high-seeds;
  • third places advance to the quarterfinals as the low-seeds.

Traditionally, playoffs are relatively easy. It will be a single elimination bracket where all the quarterfinal and semifinal games are played in BO5. To win the cup, teams will have to show everything they have in the BO5 format.

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