Dota 2 found a bug that allows you to combine Immortal items with other things

Dota 2 players have discovered a vulnerability that allows you to combine visual effects from items and items from other sets. The work of the bug was demonstrated by content maker Dmitry finargot Plyusnin, who received information from his viewer.

To use the error, before connecting to the server, you need to put on an item with the desired effect on the hero. Then, when you pick this character in a match, you need to go to the “Equipment” section, replace the equipped item with the effect with the one you want to combine it with, then hover over the item with the desired animation again and do not move it until the end of the drafting stage. After the game starts, the items you have chosen will be combined and will be visible to all participants in the match.

According to Finargot, unusual, beautiful combinations of objects can be found this way. At the same time, the content maker noted that the bug should not work with personalities, as it is designed only for things with visual effects.

Gilgir left One Move – the team can also replace re1bl

Representatives of the One Move Dota 2 team announced a reshuffle in the roster. Information about this is published on the team’s page in Telegram.

“The season is coming to an end, ahead of qualification for TI. This is an important mark for every team, every player and coach. A month ago, we could not even think about further possible changes in the team, but now is the time to make important decisions, and we really need to weigh everything. Today, on the closing day of the transfer window, the One Move team removes George gilgir Svisnunov and Maxim reibl Afanasiev from their profile on the Valve website.

Gosha, unfortunately, is leaving our team, it was a difficult decision for everyone, it is connected with a number of factors that coincided at the same time, which we do not want to make public. One Move is hard to imagine without Gilgier, and we feel like our paths will cross again. We thank George for his contribution to the formation and development of One Move! Regarding Maxim, we are taking a break and will make a decision in the coming days. Follow the announcements and support the guys, it is really important for them.”

Who will take the vacant places in the team is still unknown. The nearest tournament for One Move will be the qualification for The International 2023 for Eastern Europe. The qualifiers will be held online from 22 to 26 August.

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NS speculated about burnout in esports: “It’s a pity for esportsmen. It’s hard work”

Dota 2 streamer and analyst Yaroslav NS Kuznetsov shared his opinion about burnout and depression among modern esports players. Responding to a donation during a live broadcast, he told how current professional players differ from veterans of the scene.

Question: what do you think, here you were practically the best esportsmen of your time, getting $600 for winning a sweaty tournament, a janitor’s salary, dorm bootcamps and so on. And the current top players have an incredible income. But somehow, I don’t remember that in your time people ended their careers because of depression.

So, these are different things. That’s when I finished [esports career], it was already becoming professional. And when I started, for example, it was more like a hobby. Here’s Akke… Remember, Alliance won The International? Now I will tell you, and you will think whether such a story can happen right now.

Akke was a programmer when he won The International. He worked every day until six o’clock in the office just as a programmer, in the evening he played Dota with Alliance. Well, I took some time off somewhere, of course, when I had to play there during the day or something like that, but nevertheless. The man had a job, and he worked at it, and Dota was a hobby for him. And there were still a relatively large number of such examples at that moment.

You don’t burn out from a hobby, because it’s a hobby – you get only pleasure from it, otherwise [why] do it? But the hobby began to turn into something professional. Now this is no longer a hobby for people, it’s a job. Work is a completely different story. That is the same Akke, you know, when he loses tournaments…

If he suddenly realized that his esports hobby does not lead to any particular success, he had a job – he is a programmer. It’s as if he doesn’t take a steam bath: he is not gnawed by the situation that he will not succeed and he will be left with nothing, that he will not have something to earn a living, that is; that he is wasting his time. He just played Dota because he liked it, and there were many such people. Therefore, it is not surprising that at the time when I played, people did not burn out, did not get depressed, and so on.

Now the situation has changed, and this is absolutely understandable. Plus, people are still growing, and all sorts of crises begin: middle, not middle age – anyone. You ask yourself a question… Well, any adequate person sometimes asks himself the question: “Am I doing this at all? Is this what I do? Do I spend my life there? Does it all make sense?” The older you are, the more questions come to mind. It is unlikely that someone at the age of 15 thinks or even at the age of 20. But at 25–30 years old, it is already coming.

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