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Amazon’s GameOn App Launches On IOS

Last week, Amazon’s GameOn app became available for download in the Apple App Store. The company’s mobile streaming application was originally made available on Android devices back in November.

The application gives users the ability to record clips of gameplay from a variety of different titles that support screen recording capture. Clips can vary in length anywhere from 30 seconds up to five minutes. Users can then store these clips in the GameOn library where commentary can be added and additional edits can be made.

The GameOn platform is completely separate from the Twitch app. At this time, Amazon says that its new service is compatible with over 1000 mobile games.

The Profit‘s Take:

Amazon has a very confusing gaming strategy at the moment. They’re also losing talent at the top. Twitch is no longer a gaming brand. While I hate that Amazon didn’t aggregate all of their gaming business under one roof and one brand, I see GameOn as an experiment for them and by using a new brand, they are hedging against any potential failure and reputational risk.

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