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Silicon Chip Shortage May Delay Release Of Gaming Accessories

A low supply of silicon chips that are used in electronic devices is expected to cause a delay in the production of numerous esports and gaming accessories. According to The New York Times, several factors have contributed to the current chip shortage, including “work stoppages, increased demand, and broken transportation logistics.” As a result, there have been delays in the release of gaming accessories.

The New York Times is saying that most manufacturers are doing their best to replenish their stock. This means that accessories will be available in a matter of weeks instead of months. Sources are saying that these companies expect production timelines to return by 2022.

The Profit‘s Take:

The hardware side of gaming is always interesting. While there are manufacturing issues due to the pandemic and other factors, gaming is driving many of the hardware shortages. This is a good sign.

(All information was provided by The New York Times)

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