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Saudi Arabia Launches Initiative To Enhance Gaming Industry

Last week, Saudi Arabia’s communications regulator launched a new initiative to enhance the country’s booming gaming sector. The Communications and Information Technology Commission launched its “Game Mode” initiative. The purpose of this is to promote healthy competition amongst telecom operators.

The Game Mode initiative will launch a quarterly award that will be given to the internet service provider with the best video game reaction time. The Commission will also release a quarterly publication that compares the response times of internet service providers throughout the kingdom.

The current gaming market size in Saudi Arabia is SR2.6 billion. Arabian Business Industries is reporting that the market is expected to grow to SR9.5 billion by the year 2030.

The Profit‘s Take:

We recently did a podcast episode focused on gaming in the MENA region. Saudi Arabia has massive potential and it’s great to see initiatives like “Game Mode” to push the industry in the region forward. It’s this kind of government effort and support that will be required to achieve gaming success and create a thriving ecosystem.

(All information was provided by Arabian Business Industries)

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