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Nodwin Gaming Receives $22.5M From PUBG Owner

Last week, Nodwin Gaming (an India-based gaming and esports firm) announced that it received a $22.5 million investment from Krafton Inc. Krafton is best known as the owner and publisher of both PUBG and PUBG Mobile.

According to Akshat Rathee, the co-founder and managing director of Nodwin Gaming, the investment will be used to scale up operations in select regions around the world. Those areas include South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. The funds will also reportedly be used to build up the company’s infrastructure and make improvements to existing operations.

Rathee is saying that Nodwin Gaming will continue to operate as it has been with extra support from Krafton. Rathee also said that Nodwin is not “locked down in what it is doing now or in the future.”

The Profit‘s Take:

There is no doubt that the real reason behind this investment is to bring PUBG back to India. Having said that, the investment is significant and it will be interesting to see how Nodwin uses the cash. While India is primarily a mobile gaming market, the player base is large and is definitely a region to watch.

(All information was provided by The Esports Observer)

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