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Chipotle Partners With Esports And Gaming Influencers To Promote New Menu Item

Hand-crafted quesadillas have officially been added to Chipotle’s regular menu thanks in part to a digital-marketing campaign that tested well last year. The quesadilla will be a digital-only entree available on the Chipotle app or website.

To celebrate this new item, the company has partnered with a variety of famous esports influencers to promote the quesadilla. According to The Gamer, “Chipotle partners will taste Chipotle’s Hand-Crafted Quesadilla for the first time while giving away free quesadilla codes to viewers” during live streams. A total of 30,000 codes will be given away during the live streams.

Chris Brandt is the company’s Chief Marketing Officer. In a press release, he said, “we’re so excited to answer the call from fans and introduce one of the most highly anticipated menu items in our brand’s history. The Hand-Crafted Quesadilla brings so many new possibilities to our menu, and fans will love exploring fresh flavor combinations through its sides and salsa options.”

Today is the last day the codes will be given out. Anybody interested in getting one just has to watch the live stream of influencers Bugha, chocoTaco, and n0thing.

The Profit‘s Take:

Chipotle continues to show leadership in the way they activate influencers to reach the gamer audience. It also validates the fact that the gamer audience is a very valuable one. More brands should take note here. I have also come to the conclusion that fast-food chains, food delivery services, and QSRs continue to be at the forefront of esports sponsorships and gaming activations.

(All information was provided by The Gamer)

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