Twitch And Facebook Gaming Experience Massive Growth During Pandemic

A recent report from StreamElements and its analytics partner showed that both Twitch and Facebook Gaming have experienced a massive amount of growth over the last year. The Verge’s Bijan Stephen said this growth is “another piece of evidence that live-streaming platforms were one of the winners of the [COVID-19} crisis.”

StreamElements and Rainmaker released a report regarding the companies’ growth in an issue of “State of the Stream.” According to the report, Twitch has grown by 82% over the last year while Facebook Gaming has grown by 79%. This means that Twitch recorded 1.8 billion hours of watch time in February while Facebook Gaming cleared 400 million hours of use.

Bijan Stephen said that the COVID-19 Pandemic has been a huge factor in this increase in screen time. “Those numbers are both massive and, I think, durable: both figures are actually a decrease from January, which was a longer month,” he said. “To me, that suggests that the total number of people who watch live streams has materially increased over the course of the global coronavirus pandemic.”

(All information was provided The Verge)

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