GeForce Now Sets Sights On New Milestones And Membership Offerings

Last week, GeForce Now announced several new membership offerings and benefits. The company stated it will begin offering premium membership. The organization also said that it is hoping to improve streaming quality and add more games to its repertoire. This announcement comes as the company quickly approaches 10 million members.

The new premium offering the company has, premium membership, will provide the same benefits as Founders members as well as a few additional new features. This includes priority access to gaming sessions, extended session lengths, RTX ON for ray-traced graphics, and DLSS in supported games.

GeForce Now will list monthly memberships at $9.99 while annual membership is expected to cost $99.99 per year. The organization is also adding its Founders For Life membership plan which is currently priced at $4.99.

GeForce Now is also going to be making improvements to the company’s streaming quality. The 2.0.28 update, which will take streaming quality to the next level, will be made available to all members this week.

Lastly, the company will also be rolling out seven new games. Members will soon be able to play Do Not Feed the Monkeys, GoNNER, Loop Hero, Monopoly Plus, Snooker 19, System Shock: Enhanced Edition, and Wanba Warriors starting this week.

(All information was provided by NVIDIA)

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