DDB Hong Kong Launches Branch Of Gaming Agency FTW

DDB Group Hong Kong announced it launched a local branch of FTW, the company’s global gaming agency. The goal of the agency is to provide gaming solutions for regional clients while also assisting in marketing and advertising for local esports.

DDB Group Hong Kong secured an exclusive partnership arrangement with CGA Entertainment Limited and Esports Association Hong Kong (ESAHK). The three-way partnership is secured by a memorandum of understanding (MOU) agreement. The agreement will work to promote and further popularize esports culture throughout the region.

“This strategic partnership will be hugely beneficial to the industry and our large and growing community of gamers in this part of the world,” said Eddie Chen, the President of ESAHK. “We believe it will bring a level of sophistication to the gaming environment and help solidify this landscape as a major hub of connectivity in peoples’ lives – a place to connect with people as well as brands.”

DDB Group Hong Kong is a group of marketing and communications specialists that work to promote marketplace branding and customer care. This group is part of the DDB Worldwide network which has over 200 offices in 90 countries.

(All information was provided by Branding In Asia and DDB Group)

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