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Microsoft Begins Testing Dual-Screen Gaming

In Mid-March, Microsoft announced it was introducing support for dual-screen gaming on compatible devices. The feature is now available on Xbox Game Pass. Some games even support motion controls with the Surface Duo’s built-in gyro, allowing your view in-game to move when you rotate your device.

When launched on a dual-screen device, like the Surface Duo, game controls will be mapped to the bottom screen. The top part of the screen will be used for displaying actual gameplay. The way controls are displayed can be altered, allowing different games to offer new button control layouts.

Joel Hruska is a writer for Extreme Tech and a 19 year veteran of IT-based journalism. “The Surface Duo hasn’t reviewed particularly well and likely hasn’t sold all that well, either,” he wrote. “I doubt Microsoft’s goal is to specifically appeal to the dozens of potential customers who both own a Surface Duo and want to subscribe to a streaming service.”

The Profit‘s Take:

Microsoft has been spending billions on their gaming business. If they can give the Surface Duo a second life as a gaming device, it could potentially inject some gaming DNA into the future Surface lineup.

(All information was provided by Extreme Tech and Windows Central)

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