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Gaming And Esports Agency “Reset” Launched By Minute Media, Spotify, And SRI Execs

The former executives of Minute Media, Spotify, and SRI came together to launch “Reset,” a company that will serve as a business consultancy for the gaming industry. The company will work with other organizations in the esports space and consult in areas like business model development, revenue strategy, and investor market entry.

“Reset” was founded by four former executives from the gaming, sport, media & entertainment industries. Duncan McMonagle used to serve as the CRO of Minute Media. Ben Brown comes in as a veteran of Accenture, Universal Music, and Spotify. Chris Jordan and Charlie Stebbings also joined the project after co-founding SRI, an esports executive search practice.

The company has hired Mike Murphy O’Reilly to serve as Reset’s Commercial Director. He used to serve as the Head of Gaming & Esports at Minute Media before taking on this new role.

Duncan McMonagle spoke about the hopes for the company. He said, “our vision is to elevate gaming as a commercial property and develop a sustainable ecosystem. One where fans are prioritized, endemic players have sustainable business models, advertisers reach and engage the right audiences, and investors can deploy capital with confidence.”

The Profit‘s Take:

There are now more esports marketing agencies and esports influencer marketplaces than there are brands investing in esports. It’s not clear that there’s anything differentiated here.

(All information was provided by The Esports Observer and Business Cloud)

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