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Microsoft Will Add 20 Bethesda Titles To Xbox Game Pass

Last week, Microsoft announced plans to make 20 Bethesda Softworks games available to users that have an Xbox Game Pass subscription. The news came after Microsoft successfully acquired ZeniMax Media, the Maryland-based holding company for Bethesda, earlier in the week.

Some of the 20 games being offered will be from the Doom series, The Elder Scrolls series, and the Fallout series. Other titles that will also be available include The Evil Within, the Dishonored series, Prey, Rage 2, and the Wolfenstein series.

Game Pass provides a massive portion of Microsoft’s gaming business. As of September, Game Pass has 15 million subscribers. All games became available on Game Pass last Friday.

The Profit‘s Take:

Game Pass is Microsoft’s darling at the moment. It’s no surprise they want to bring Bethesda games exclusively to their platforms, and use their $8B acquisition to drive subscription growth.

(All information was provided by Geek Wire and Xbox)

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