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YMCA Creates Esports League And Tournaments

The YMCA in Baton Rouge, Louisiana announced it has launched an esports league as well as many esports tournaments. The program is available to children in middle school, junior high school, and high school.

“The Y is excited to launch for the first time, Esports leagues and tournaments! Esports is a video game competition for individuals and teams,” the organization said in a statement. “Middle School and High School Gamers in the Y’s leagues and tournaments will enjoy gameplay in Super Smash Bros, Rocket League, and NBA 2K21. League play will include local, regional and national competitors within the Y organization.”

According to the YMCA website, players can only participate in one game due to the current structure of the league. It costs $60 to play in Super Smash Bros or NBA 2k and $120 for teams to participate in Rocket League matches.

Tournaments will take place from April 5th to May 27th. Junior High and Middle School students will be able to play Mondays and Wednesdays from 6 pm to 7 pm. High School students will be able to participate in tournaments on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the same time.

The Profit‘s Take:

It’s great to see the YMCA get into esports. They have the potential to make esports massively accessible and affordable, which are both great things. This should bring competitive gaming to an even larger and more mainstream audience in the long run.

(All information was provided by the YMCA and WAFB Channel 9)

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