Microsoft Will Be Adopting Ethereum For Gaming Royalties

Recently, it was announced that Microsoft will be adopting Ethereum’s cryptocurrency (Ether) for gaming purposes. This adoption hopes to enhance the legal system by utilizing “smart contracts” to manage industry relationships.

According to an article from Interactive Crypto, Microsoft has integrated ether into its system to “help with the rights and royalties management in the industry.” This includes the creation of comprehensive contracts for acquisitions, sales, deliveries, and royalty calculations.

There are several benefits to adopting this form of cryptocurrency. It is cost-effective and helps improve security against hackers. It also gives game developers better control of the industry while making it easy for users to access items in-game. The move also makes the company more transparent when it comes to accessing real-time information.

Ethereum is an organization that allows people to access digital-money and data-friendly services. It is built around the cryptocurrency Ether which is currently valued at over $1835 per share.

(All information was provided by Ethereum and Interactive Crypto)

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