When Can People Begin Attending Esports Events Again?

According to research conducted by the Esports Entry Advisory (EEA) and Convention Sports and Leisure International (CSL), 77% of North American gamers want to attend in-person esports events as soon as possible. This begs the question: when can we go back to in-person esports events?

Andrew Boggs is a writer for esportsbets. He said we still have some waiting to do before we get any serious attendance at esports tournaments. “Most organizations are playing it safe, and I doubt that we will see an in-person event that is not in a closed studio environment for the next two or three months,” he wrote. “There will certainly be stumbling blocks but there are some organizers that are paving the way for the rest of the industry.”

Esports events are still being scheduled across the globe. Some of the events lined up for this year include the League of Legends European Championships, Spring Split Finals and Call of Duty League, Stage 2 Major in April, as well as MSI 2021 in May.

(All information was provided by esportsbets and Esports Insider)

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