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Business Of Esports Launches World’s First Esports NFT

Paul “The Proft” Dawalibi has created the planet’s first esports NFT. Now on OpenSea, you can own “Original ‘Profit of Esports’ Facial Expressions.”

“A once in a lifetime chance to own THREE unique facial expressions made by the ‘profit of esports’ himself. This NFT includes 3 expressions: the thinker, the Robert De Niro, and the ultimate question,” reads the description. “It is also the world’s first official esports NFT minted by the official podcast of esports and world’s foremost authority on the intersection of business and gaming.”

The current price of the NFT is 470 Ethereum ($991,197.10). By comparison, rapper The Weeknd recently minted his first NFT collection, raising $2.29 million in sales.

The Profit‘s Take:

Seems like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to me…

(All information was provided by OpenSea and CryptoBriefing)

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