Most Luxurious Gaming Facility In India Unveiled

S8UL, one of the leading esports organizations in India, recently revealed their all-new $1 million gaming house, S8UL gaming house 2.0. In a 21-minute-long video posted to the organization’s official YouTube channel, content creators from S8UL explained how the new gaming house will take the esports experience to new heights.

“S8UL IS PROUD TO SHOWCASE ONE OF THE MOST LUXURIOUS gaming facility in India. Valuating at 1 Million Dollar and built at 15000 sq. feet, it will be also the largest gaming facility in India,” the company said in a post. “@MortaL​ @8bit Thug​ and @8bit Goldy​ show you around this exclusive facility with a whopping 4 floors with all the state of the art facility, which includes Streaming Cabins, Living Rooms, Recreational Areas, a Modern Kitchen, and Content Creation Space for all our Athletes and Content Creators. We at S8UL, thank you all for making this possible and we ensure this is JUST THE BEGINNING. Also together, let’s take the future of gaming in India to Greater Heights.”

The video showcases the many gaming spots and workspaces available to content creators throughout the house. It also gives a sneak preview of life at the S8UL Bootcamp.

At the conclusion of the video, one of the company co-owners described some of the future plans for S8UL. The company revealed that a new mobile esports lineup will be announced soon and S8UL merchandise will be launched.

(All information was provided by TalkEsport and Insidesport)

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