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Gaming Ready To Make The Step Into Education

With the COVID-19 Pandemic, digital learning became even more important than it already was. Now, it appears that video games are also about to make their way into the field of education, according to ET’s Hugh Viney.

“Gaming is fun… But stopping at this, is in reality, limiting the potential opportunity for its use across more mainstream education. Like adults, many children will struggle to focus on the same thing for long periods of time, so diversity of teaching tools and combining gaming with educational goals can really help,” Viney writes. “Due to its versatility and opportunity for team collaboration and leadership, gaming has great potential for boosting skills and refining abilities in the classroom.”

Hugh Viney is a writer for Education Technology. Education Technology is a part of EdQuarter, a cross-education learning platform for the schools and higher education sector.

The Profit‘s Take:

The intersection of gaming and education is a no-brainer. From birth, humans learn most effectively through play. It is inevitable that gaming will eventually consume the education industry.

(All information was provided by Education Technology)

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