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Amazon Singapore Launches Dedicated Gaming Store

On April 4th, Amazon Singapore announced it was officially launching a dedicated gaming store. In conjunction with the launch, the Gaming Store will offer several deals on exclusive titles and games over the coming weeks.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of our first-ever Gaming Store on We want to make it easier for our customers to discover gaming products and find the products they need in the quickest way possible with this one-stop-shop,” said Connie Kwok, Amazon’s Category Leader (Video Games). “We are working hard to expand our selections across the categories and provide amazing prices, deals, and more pre-order opportunities.”

Amazon Singapore still reportedly has plans to expand its new platform. It plans on offering many more promotions as long as the platform exists.

The Profit‘s Take:

Amazon is obviously testing a dedicated gaming storefront in a smaller market first. These dedicated storefronts make a lot of sense because they are good for both discovery and shopper education. It also gives Amazon more opportunity to sell specific sponsored product slots. I just don’t fully understand why they don’t make a dedicated gaming storefront part of Twitch instead, where the combination of content and commerce would be very powerful. They seem very reluctant to make Twitch their gaming brand and I think it’s a mistake.

(All information was provided by Geek Culture)

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