Razer Reports $1B In Annual Revenue

Razer, a world-renowned gaming hardware producer, recently reported the company recorded more than $1 billion in turnover for the very first time. Razer is also saying that the company netted its first annual profit.

“We are constantly in discussions with partners on potential collaboration who either want access to our 50,000-plus online merchants where we can help upsell their services or want association with the Razer brand to gain access to our 125 million-plus user base,” said CEO LiMeng Lee. “Razer Fintech intends to aggressively scale up our core B2B business which has been driving the growth of our business in the past couple of years.”

Lee also claimed that there has been an increased demand for Razer Fintech, an established virtual payment solution for Southeast Asia-based B2B and B2C segments. Furthermore, Lee also said the company is still planning to expand its operation into Latin America as well as the Middle East.

(All information was provided by Crowdfund Insider)

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