Authentic Artists Creates AI Virtual Artists For Gaming And Streaming

Authentic Artists, a technology firm that specializes in creating virtual art, will be launching a new AI-powered platform to create virtual artists for gaming, music, and streaming. The platform allows for never-before-seen virtual music experiences designed to serve the preferences of fans looking for unique content.

“Virtual entertainment is the new cultural center of gravity, and today’s digital natives want agency over their worlds,” said Chris McGarry, Authentic Artists’ Founder and CEO. “Our adaptive artists will give it to them, co-creating new shared musical experiences and making new art and culture with fans across every connected platform.”

The company will reportedly be rolling out its lineup of next-generation artists in a series of twitch concerts which begin on April 14th. While Twitch streamers will co-host the event with virtual artists, the CEO did say there is a chance for more collaborative projects with other stars in the future.

(All information was provided by Tech Crunch, Venture Beat, and Business Wire)

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