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Game Developer EA Launches Game Show

Electronic Arts recently held a two-episode run of its new community-driven game show “The FIFA Global Series FACE-OFF.” The event concluded in late March after several celebrities and esports influencers went head-to-head for cash prizes.

Todd Sitrin is the general manager of competitive gaming entertainment at Electronic Arts. “We’ve taken a mainstream entertainment approach and tried to bring it to gaming so that we can expand our audience,” he said. “It’s easy to digest in the sense that some of the skill matches three to four minutes as opposed to these gargantuan length games that you sometimes see in other esports broadcasts.”

This is not the only broadcast EA has put out recently. Electronic Arts also released four episodes of the show “The Sims Spark’d,” where top influencers took part in an in-game reality show during the summer of 2020. According to EA, that series generated the second-highest percentage of female viewers compared to all other Eleague shows that aired on the Turner Broadcasting Systems TV network.

The Profit‘s Take:

It’s unclear if EA will succeed as a media company. They have IP that should translate well to the gamer audience. I’m just concerned that this is being managed by their competitive gaming division, which seems like the wrong place for these new content initiatives to live.

(All information was provided by EA and Digiday)

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