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Zytara CEO: FinTech Is Reshaping Payments In Esports And Gaming

Al Burgio, the Founder and CEO of Zytara, recently sat down and spoke with Polly Jean Harrison of The FinTech Times. During this conversation, Burgio explained how important it was for his company to lead the way in FinTech, or financial technology (mobile banking, online money services, etc.).

“When we first began discussing the concept of Zytara we noticed there was a huge gap in the market. There was no digital platform and payment network tailored to the specific needs of the gamers, esports enthusiasts, and their families – no one seemed to understand how their needs differed from everyone else’s,” Burgio said. “As experts in fintech, we knew we could create a desirable product for them, but we knew we needed to work alongside experts in this area. And we did. We’re really proud that Zytara is authentically built for gamers, by gamers.”

Zytara is a financial technology company that was founded in 2019. The organization consists of less than ten employees.

The Profit‘s Take:

There are definitely opportunities at the intersection of gaming and finance. It’s not clear what problem Zytara is solving though. I would be interested to hear how they think gamers’ needs differ from everyone else.

(All information was provided by The FinTech Times and Zytara)

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