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Noting The New Trend In Esports Dietary Supplements

Health product manufacturers have begun to make their way into the world of esports. According to Robby Gardner of Nutritional Outlook, these companies have already begun to impact the industry “by developing dietary supplements intended for the unique needs of gamers.”

“As esports continue to grow in popularity, so too will the financial opportunities. Industry members expect exponential growth for esports dietary supplements, and brands will have increasingly new opportunities for product differentiation, whether by delivery format, clinically backed active ingredients or other means of branding,” writes Gardner. “Highly scientific ingredients and simple herbal extractions will likely continue to penetrate the market, and quality should remain top of mind for brands involved in this growing international market space.”

Gardner mentions several ways health supplements can improve gamers’ performances. These nutritional boosts can increase energy and focus, improve vision, and help stimulate brain health.

The Profit‘s Take:

As with peripherals, gamers will spend on things if they think it gives them a performance boost. I expect gaming-specific supplements to become a huge category over the next decade.

(All information was provided by Nutritional Outlook)

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