Detroit Video Gaming Lounge Celebrates Grand Opening

A grand opening celebration was recently held for a new video gaming lounge and esports center in Detroit, Michigan. The opening ceremony for the Playa vs. Playa Gaming Lounge took place on Tuesday, April 13th.

“Playa Vs. Playa grew out of my passion for gaming. When I grew up, we had these places in the neighborhood. You used to have these places where you could go and test your mettle against the other kids,” said Lance McGhee, the founder of the esports events space. “You see everything going downtown but I want to see more things in the neighborhoods. That’s where I’m drawn. I want to go where there’s a need for these types of things.”

McGhee opened the venue by spending roughly $250,000 on renovations to an old building he owned. $60,000 of that money was provided by the Motor City Match grant while he fronted the rest of the cash.

Playa Vs. Playa Gaming Lounge is located at 15850 Wyoming Avenue in Detroit. The space is open from Wednesday to Sunday. It costs $8 per hour to play or $20 for an all-day pass.

(All information was provided by Model Media and Playa vs. Playa)

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