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New Microsoft Program Lets You Build Games From Your Kitchen Table

Microsoft recently unveiled a new program at its Game Stack Live event called “ID@Azure”. It will give developers and content creators access to Microsoft’s cloud tools so that they can build games. According to Sarah Bond, corporate Vice President and Head of Game Creator Experiences and Ecosystems, the program provides a more diverse set of tools and services necessary to find success in the esports market.

“We’re making it possible for more voices and experiences to be part of our industry,” Bond said during a press call. “Using cloud tools, game developers don’t have to work for a big publisher — they can create games from their kitchen table and see them distributed widely,” she added.

The new program is based on the company’s ID@Xbox program. Through ID@Xbox, developers from 60 countries have been able to release over 2,000 games to generate more than $2 billion in revenue.

Those interested in being added to the program can submit an application through the Microsoft website. ID@Azure is scheduled to kick off this summer.

The Profit‘s Take:

While their efforts might seem scattered, Microsoft has at least shown a firm commitment to moving the gaming industry forward. Making it easier for developers to build games for the Microsoft ecosystem is very smart and is an investment that should pay off long term. This is also indicative of a broader trends towards the democratization of game development and should result in an increasingly robust indie game dev community.

(All information was provided by CNET and Microsoft)

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