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Research Shows Gamers Who Play Through Headaches Play Poorly

New research from Excedrin shows that gaming with a headache has a direct correlation to poorer performances and a decrease in focus. The survey indicates 71% of video game players are concerned about headaches due to prolonged gaming. Despite this information, the majority of gamers still “play through the pain.” Furthermore, the study shows gamers are exposed to more potential headaches than ever since 92% of gamers report they are spending more time playing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Because of these new findings, Excedrin is partnering with 100 Thieves CEO “Nadeshot” to educate gamers on headaches and “the unintended consequence of the ‘no quit’ mentality in esports.” The new initiative will showcase simple and effective mindfulness tricks to help gamers combat headaches before they get too bad.

“I’ve experienced headaches while gaming for many years, but it’s not something that’s widely discussed within the gaming world. Instead, many of us brush it off or ‘tough it out’ to keep playing,” Nadeshot said. “The truth is, headaches can take you out of the game and have an impact on performance – and no one wants that. I like to win, and I hate losing more than I like winning. I’m excited to help spread the word with Excedrin so we can all stay focused, compete and – more importantly – crush it.”

The research showed that gamers want to avoid these headaches at all costs. 83% of gamers said they stopped playing at times due to head pain. Furthermore, 98% of gamers would gladly take easily implemented steps if it meant these problems could stop.

The Profit‘s Take:

This is one of the more stupid brand activations I’ve seen in the gaming space. I don’t think we needed a study to prove that gaming with a headache affects performance. This is a 100 Thieves cash grab and has nothing to do with gamer health.

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