Razer Kishi Gaming Controller Named Best For iPhone In 2021

In a recent article by Zackery Cuevas of iMore, the Razer Kishi Gaming controller was rated the best in the world for iPhones in 2021. This comes after the controller was recently made adaptable for iPhones.

“The Razer Kishi is ingenious in its design. Using a simple base, the Razer Kishi slides open and attaches to just about any iPhone available today. Once attached, both left and right controllers will be instantly recognizable to anyone who has held a video game controller in the last 15 years,” writes Cuevas. “The Razer Kishi has two clickable thumbsticks and a pair of face buttons reminiscent of an Xbox controller as well as an 8-way D-pad. It also has an indicator light on the side that’ll let you know the status of your device.”

T-Mobile’s Razer Kishi Gaming Controller is now available for iPhones. The black controller ships in about two to three days and costs $99.

(All information was provided by T-Mobile and iMore)

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