Good Gamer Launching GoodGamer Tournament Management Platform

Good Gamer Corp. recently announced the North American beta launch of the GoodGamer Esports Tournament Management Platform (TMP). The TMP includes numerous key features beneficial to gamers like several types of tournaments, loyalty rewards, player ranking systems, and a responsive customer support service team.

“We are overjoyed to finally be able to announce the beta launch of our tournament management platform after all of the amazing hard work and dedication put into it,” said GoodGamer CEO, Charlo Barbosa. “We’re excited to offer Unity game publishers of all sizes the ability to earn more from their games and grow their user base through an easy-to-integrate mobile software development kit (SDK). Unlike the industry-leading platform by Skillz, GoodGamer welcomes game publishers of all sizes to integrate our SDK, regardless of their daily active user base. Game publishers have been hit with lower ad CPM (cost per thousand impressions) rates with the lack of users making in-app purchases, adding a real-money tournament to their games can increase their revenue without much effort.”

The TMP will grow the gaming ecosystem by giving mobile game publishers the chance to integrate real-money competitions into their causal mobile games. It promises to connect gamers across the globe by allowing them to compete for real-money prizes. It also enables publishers to add a source of revenue to their games through the GoodGamer Software Design Kit (SDK).

Good Gamer is a fantasy gaming and esports organization based in Vancouver, Canada. Good Gamer is developing online gaming solutions like the GoodGamer Tournament Management Platform (TMP), a mobile Software Design Kit (SDK) that offers publishers the chance to host real-money competitions for their games.

(All information was provided by PR Newswire)

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