Gaming Store Super Potato Opens eBay Shop

One of the most famous video game outlets in the world, Super Potato, recently launched the SUPERPOTATO retro games store on eBay. The flagship store in Akihabara, Tokyo can now make its collection of rare video games available to a global audience.

“Superpotato – retro games // With main store in Akihabara of Tokyo, we are retro game stores with 8 locations throughout Japan,” it reads on Super Potato’s eBay page. “We dedicated Japanese retro games and consoles. Please enjoy shopping at our newest store at ebay!”

As of 1:00 PM EST on April 29th, 2021, there are 241 items available to bid on through the Super Potato eBay store. The store currently has over 7,100 followers on eBay.

Super Potato is most famous for selling rare retro games for older consoles. There are eight total Super Potato stores in Japan.

(All information was provided by The Verge, IGN, and eBay)

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