“Push Me Pull You” Is The Next Great Party Game For The Vaccinated

Push Me Pull You may be the next big party game for those who received the COVID-19 vaccination. Developer House House says this title is “a video game about friendship and wrestling.”

“What makes Push Me Pull You unmissable as a couch game is that it’s not just competitive, but demanding of the utmost cooperation between teammates,” wrote Roger Fingas of Screen Rant. “Team members are literally joined at the hip, so they learn to bond with each other in a hurry, shouting out tactics and celebrating every win. There isn’t even any hostility towards the enemy team, usually – the gameplay dynamics always seem fair, and tables can turn in a second. It’s a game that almost inevitably makes people feel good, which is exactly what people need after months or longer of being apart.”

Push Me Pull You is available for Windows and Mac devices. “The preferred platform” for the game is either the Playstation 4 or the Playstation 5.

House House is a video game developer founded in 2014 that is based out of Australia. The company’s most popular title is Untitled Goose Game which was released in 2019.

(All information was provided by Screen Rant and Google)

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