University Of Saskatchewan Studying Gamers’ Abilities To Succeed

Dr. Madison Klarkowski from the University of Saskatchewan recently conducted tests to determine “what separated a gamer’s success from failure.” According to Dr, Klarkowski, the research tried to determine if gamers can”… succeed, or be clutch.”

“We are looking at the tendency to switch from faster thinking (procedural thinking) where everything is automatic and responsive to declarative thinking, which is more explicit and rule-bound, where you are thinking very carefully and slowly,” the doctor said. “We wanted to see if we could pull some well-known e-sports influencers to help promote a more positive mindset to eliminate any negative behavior. Not just on-screen or while playing but also in their personal lives.”

Klarkowski said that the research indicates gamers seem to be getting younger. She also noted that many competitors start gaming before the age of 10. The average age of a gamer is roughly 34.

(All information was provided by Global News)

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