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Nintendo Nixes Rumors Of Xbox Cloud Gaming Coming To The Switch

According to a recent post from esports industry veteran David Gibson, Xbox’s Cloud Gaming beta will not be coming to the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo told to him the company would not be bringing any other video game streaming service to the organization’s popular handheld mobile device.

Nintendo has not yet released an official statement on the matter at this time.

On April 20th, Microsoft began to allow Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers to use the company’s new Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud) service on Apple and Windows devices. Individuals selected to test the platform will have access to over 100 Xbox Game Pass Titles through various web browsers.

Invites to the closed beta platform are expected to come out continuously, according to Your Basin. Microsoft does reportedly plan to make xCloud available to all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers in the coming months.

The Profit‘s Take:

This is perfectly in line with all of Nintendo’s behavior and strategic decisions to date. They want to maintain a walled garden with their devices and content. Maybe Nintendo has their own cloud streaming service in the works, but it’s most likely just the company’s very closed-world view at play here.

(All information was provided by ONMSFT, The Verge, and Your Basin)

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