Scientists Testing To See If Video Game Therapy Treats “Brain Fog”

A new study is attempting to learn if video game-based therapy can help COVID-19 patients with cognitive disorder symptoms during their recovery process. Clinical trials will be conducted to determine if video game therapy can help adults suffering from COVID-related “brain fog”.

The studies are being run by Weill Cornell Medicine scientists as well as individuals from the Vanderbilt University Medical Center. The researchers will see what the effect of a video game called AKL-T01 has on patients who have recovered from COVID-19.

The trial will feature roughly 100 patients, above the age of 18, who have shown cognitive impairment during screenings. Stat News reports that half of these patients will receive treatment while the other half serves as a control group.

Participants must complete five missions a day, five times a week. This includes about 25 minutes of gameplay daily. The study is set to run for ten weeks with the final four serving as post-treatment follow-up.

(All information was provided by The Indian Express)

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