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Respawn Looking To Develop New Game From Scratch

Respawn Entertainment recently revealed it is developing a brand new game. The title is currently in the early stages of development.

Steven Kah Hien Wong is a programmer for Respawn Entertainment. He recently tweeted out a job listing at Respawn looking for a “software engineer for a ‘brand new IP.'” Studio Head Vince Zampella responded to the post by saying the role was for a “super exciting” new project at Respawn.

The new title is still in the early stages of its development. According to Wong, the development team only consists of five people at the moment. However, the development team is reportedly looking to add a sixth member.

Respawn Entertainment is a video game development studio that was founded in 2010. Some of the organization’s most famous titles include Apex Legends and the Titanfall series.

The Profit‘s Take:

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Apex Legends has seen a resurgence lately, and “live service” games require tremendous resources to keep fresh. Will a new title distract from the good thing they’ve got going? As a gamer and fan of Respawn, I am excited to learn more about this project.

(All information was provided by The Indian Express and Google)

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