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Business of Esports TV: Stadia Product Lead Quits Google

(Livestream #130B)

In this segment, we discuss why the product head of our favorite punching bag, Google Stadia, may have left the company entirely.

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Paul Dawalibi 43:42
Let’s let’s just do a super quick one on on on cloud gaming. Since we’re on this, I kind of have to, and this is I mean, I’m really unfortunate news, stadia product head john justice has left Google. So we have the head of Google stadia is product like the head of product at Google stadia. He’s left the company. Google has confirmed that he’s no longer there. They wish them well, the whole bit. Again, milestone on the path here to seeing stadia stadia shut down. Do we we think this is like this year at this point, is that did you guys really did you guys see the

Jeff Cohen 44:47
I guess it was a CD project had an earnings call or like a financial update. And then the analyst asked like, how many of the you know the copies of CD project were were on the switch or on the on stadia They laughed

Paul Dawalibi 45:02
on the earnings call. They started laughing

Jeff Cohen 45:05
which, you know, probably not the greatest look for stadia CD Projekt RED but yeah, apparently they like kind of snickered and we’re like, yeah, like I don’t know what they said. But

Paul Dawalibi 45:16
was there a number released or published Do you No,

Jeff Cohen 45:19
no, but I’m guessing it was very low.

William Collis 45:23
That poor analyst who asked the question they probably think it’s a legitimate question like you’re not reporting that platform. I want to know more.

Jeff Cohen 45:31
Well, no,

Paul Dawalibi 45:31
I don’t know. Thoughts on this video. Anyone anyone sort of thinking that that this is really starting to look like the end here? When you have

Lindsay Poss 45:41
Oh, yeah. I mean, when I when I saw this article, a bunch of like the laughing crying face emojis just filled my brain. And I felt bad for how much I wanted to laugh at it at first until I realized that alphabet is very large and successful company. They can afford this failure and then I stopped feeling bad and hope was the guy who left find a great job. Everyone who’s working at stadia finds a great, great next next step,

Paul Dawalibi 46:05
leaving now right leaving now is probably in the grand scheme of things when you especially when, like he he more than anyone probably knows the end is coming. And so leaving now is probably the move. Alright, that was just an opportunity for me to say I was writing about stadia.

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