Hunter Games Partnering With Advantage Club

Advantage Club recently announced it has entered into a partnership with Hunter Games. The goal of the partnership is to bring hyper-casual titles to Hunter Games’ corporate clients. The organizations said that the initiative received over 1 million hits in the first week after the project’s launch.

“Increasingly, corporates have been using new formats of engaging their employee base and in fun ways. What could be more relevant than gaming,” said Advantage Club CEO Sourabh Deorah. “Today we run gaming contests and programs for large corporates with very strong traction. We have in our collaboration with Hunter Games built a powerful play for rewards along with this.”

Hunter Games is one of India’s largest gaming and retention platforms. They develop hyper-casual games and gaming opportunities for clients all around the world.

Advantage Club is an artificial intelligence-driven platform. It helps drive employee engagement with various perks and benefits.

(All information was provided by The Economic Times Of India and Advantage Club)

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