Dr. Carolyn Rubenstein Joins Misfits Gaming Group

On May 11th, Misfits Gaming Group announced Dr. Carolyn Rubenstein would be joining the company as its Chief Wellness Adviser. This marks the first time an esports organization has established a C-Suite executive role focusing on mental health.

“I am truly grateful to be joining forces with Misfits Gaming Group and to use my experience to strengthen the family culture within the organization,” said Dr. Rubenstein.  “In my early assessment with Misfits, I was surprised by how receptive our pro players and staff were to prioritizing and exploring mental health to improve their overall performance. The mental well-being of any individual is vital to achieving a variety of success in one’s life, so it’s exciting to begin a new chapter in an industry that could use this level of dedication and expertise.” 

Dr. Rubenstein will be responsible for building and tailoring programs for MGG teams. This includes MGG’s League of Legends team, its Call of Duty League team, and its Overwatch League team.

Dr. Rubenstein received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Duke University. After that, she received her Master’s Degree in Psychology from Harvard University and a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Miami.

(All information was provided by Misfits Gaming Group and The Esports Observer)

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