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TUMI Launches Line Of Esports Apparel

On April 29th, TUMI, one of the world’s leading travel brands, unveiled its new line of pro-level esports bags and accessories. Some of the new products that the company will be selling include the Esports Large Pro Backpack, the Pro Sling, the Pro Accessories Case, and the Pro Crossbody.

“Our Global Citizens are engaged in a vast array of pursuits, beyond routine work and travel. For this collection, we looked towards those whose passion is gaming— just as innovation is ours. We channeled that vigor to create the ultimate collection for every gamer,” said Victor Sanz, Tumi’s Creative Director. “Now more than ever, we see gaming as an outlet to escape our realities, striving to be the champions we all want to be. So, with guidance from those who know the industry best, we immersed ourselves into the gaming community and created innovative products they haven’t been given yet. Each element was obsessed over and engineered to deliver optimized utility and enhance every champion’s journey.”

TUMI is a world-class business and luxury apparel brand that was founded in 1975. The organization has over 2,000 stores in 75 different countries across the globe.

The Profit‘s Take:

As I predicted, we would start seeing a deluge of “XYZ for gamers”. Luggage for gamers sounds interesting. TUMI makes a decent bag. However it’s unlikely they understand what gamers actually need. My guess is these products don’t set the world on fire.

(All information was provided by PR Newswire)

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