It Has Been A Good Year For Serbian Gaming

According to a recent report published by the Serbian Games Association (SGA), it has been an excellent year for the Serbian gaming industry. The country reported record revenues of €120 million ($146.6 million). The report also said that Serbian games were downloaded and purchased over 350 million times in the last year.

“Watching the development of the game-making scene over the last few years is nothing short of amazing,” said Miloš Đuričanin, an impact strategist at Nordeus. “From maybe three companies making games a decade ago, it very quickly, it became dozens, to over 100 today.”

Over the past year, Serbian gaming studios developed 41 titles. It is also being reported that the Serbian video games industry employs over 2,100, a third of whom are women.

Most games that come out of Serbia are for mobile devices. In fact, mobile games make up 40% of Serbia’s esports industry.

(All information was provided by Emerging Europe)

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