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eBay To Ban Sale Of “Adult” Video Games

Global auctioning site eBay announced that it will ban the sale of “adult” video games beginning on July 15th. This comes as part of an initiative by the company to limit the sale “of mature content” and items that portray “sexually oriented” materials.

“Adult items that are allowed must follow our guidelines,” it reads on the eBay customer service page. “Most adult-only items are prohibited. Listings that show nudity are allowed only in limited situations and must follow the guidelines below. We’ll review the content of the listing, images, and the category of the items to determine if it is allowed.”

eBay says it has many different definitions of adult content. This includes materials that show any genitalia (regardless of gender), the anus, or the nipples or areolas of the female breast.

The organization also announced it intends to eliminate the website’s “adults only” category. This means that “items in the [adult only video games category] are no longer permitted on eBay.”

The Profit‘s Take:

These bans inevitably cause controversy because there is so much gray area. It’s unclear why eBay would want to police this instead of force some kind of age verification. This, in addition to the recent Steam crackdown, has not been good for the adult games sector.

(All information was provided by eBay, Kotaku, and GameSpot)

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