AndaSeat Partners With Natus Vincere For New Gaming Chair

AndaSeat recently announced it is partnering with Natus Vincere to bring a new product to AndaSeat’s gaming chair line-up. The NAVI chair will be based on the brand and designs of the Natus Vincere Ukrainian esports team.

“AndaSeat’s Dark Demon gaming chair is perfect for anyone who wants a tough, rugged gaming chair with great support that will never let you down in the heat of battle,” it reads on the AndaSeat website. “If, however, you want a chair for long hours in the home office or a plush, comfy seat to watch Netflix in, you might prefer something a little more forgiving.”

The NAVI chair will take inspiration from AndaSeat’s Dark Demon series chair. It is expected to be outlined with black and gold leather.

The chair is expected to be released to the public on July 21st. The product can be pre-ordered on the AndaSeat website for $399.99 or the Amazon UK website for $423.33.

(All information was provided by AndaSeat and iMore)

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